Denise Wright
Denise Wright Art Opening

About the Artist

I live on Anastasia Island, a barrier island off St. Augustine, in NE Florida. Originally from Oregon, I lived in the Virgin Islands from 1981 to 2017. I then moved to another island, Anastasia. The primary focus of my life is painting; the secondary is sailing. I have been painting all my life and sailing for nearly 40 years.

The tropical beauty of warmer climates is appealing to all artists. Most rely on representational art to interpret the local scene. Until 2007, my body of work was land and seascapes. This work has evolved to painting abstracts. I am attracted to painting more of the feeling of my surroundings, rather than a literal translation.

I also use the experience of creating art to cultivate my spiritual awareness. I know that beauty is the natural consequence of the opening of the soul. When the soul faculties open, creativity comes forth. We are then tapped into the Source of all beauty and creativity. With a holistic approach towards my role as an artist, I ignore the stereotype that I should rely only upon my visual relationship with the world.

"The Art of Layering is a technique I like to incorporate in my pieces because of its holistic intention. Layered art has a spiritual dimension. It is the integration of a perception of ultimate connectedness with the flowing, on-going nature of living consciously. The intention is to create healing artwork."

Richard Newman, Society of Layerists in Multi-Media.