BD Wright
Bille Denise Wright

About the Artist

I have created art from the moment I was capable of putting pencil to paper.

Like most artists, my career has been a series of experimenting with various mediums. The past two decades, the majority of my body of work is abstract, using the Art of Layering; painting in multi-media layers.

The focus of my life is painting. I use the experience of creating art to cultivate awareness, tapping into the source of all beauty and creativity. With a holistic approach towards my role as an artist, I ignore the stereotype of relying only upon my visual relationship with the world. If viewing my art creates a feeling of being connected to all that is in Nature, I have succeeded.

I’ve come full circle. I once again live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Born and raised in Oregon, I lived in the Virgin Islands from 1981 to 2017, painting and sailing the Caribbean. I then moved to another island, Anastasia, off St. Augustine, Florida. Nature offers remarkable beauty in varied parts of the world.

The events of early 2020 drew me back to Oregon and family. I feel fortunate to once again live in the lush, green, fresh and bright part of the planet named Oregon.

"I have decided to be happy because it is good for my health"                   Voltaire